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Your Advantage listing A Vacation Home with HOMEiZ

HOMEiZ business model is first to value its customers. HOMEiZ connects vacationers to deal directly with vacation homeowners in a cost-effective way. The vacationer contacts the homeowner directly no middleman or % taken from sale.

HOMEiZ believes that vacation homeowners and the vacationer should deal with each other in a simple direct fair, friendly, transparent way and that can save lots of time and money for both. It gives both the vacationer and the homeowner the sense of each other.

HOMEiZ believes that vacation homeowners and vacationers should contact each other directly and deal with each other with no middleman such booking fees.

HOMEiZ plans and prices are affordable to almost every pocket. Homeowners have two types of listings. The standard listing and the Featured listing. You can upload pictures, use a Calendar, Virtual tours, 3D videos, google maps, reviews, and have their direct contact information. All listings have a very detailed comprehensive information and look great. For the vacationer, it is the best choice since, there are no booking fees to pay and that saves lots of money and time dealing with customer service.

Booking Fees

Fees are the perfect way to alienate your customers.

HOMEiZ does not offer booking services since we find it makes the entire process long and in case there is a dispute, getting a refund will take a long tiring process. It makes the entire transaction complicate and very expensive for the vacationer and causing the homeowner less business due to the high competition in the market. Many vacationers and homeowners claim that lately they have been experiencing additional fees from other sites and they are looking for an alternative.

HOMEiZ finds that booking fees in some cases may take up to 40 days to pay the homeowner. HOMEiZ finds it to be very unfair. Booking fees also determinant the way some online vacation home websites search engines are coded. That means, if you list your vacation home without having the website handles the booking for you, your listed property cannot be found easily in search. Everywhere online many vacationers are being charged with so many fees, it makes every transaction very expensive and it is unfair for the homeowners to lose business with vacationers paying those high fees. It makes many vacationers to think twice before traveling to a vacation. Renting and paying directly to the Management company or the actual homeowner is a much better choice for both the vacationer and the vacation homeowner.


Travelers Before You Booking

Do your homework before booking and asking the right questions is extremely important!

If you're going to stay in a vacation home, you might as well get as many perks as you can. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask if there are any unexpected extras, like airport transportation, private beach access, pool access or even a refrigerator stocking service before you arrive. As you plan your next vacation, keep these questions in your arsenal to ensure a smooth vacation.

  1. Ask if there will be any additional fees or charges before placing your deposit. Such as: Cleaning fees, pet fees, parking fees, laundry fees, any breaking of things that might happen etc.,
  2. What is your cancellation policy? What happens if you have a family crisis? What if there is a weather-related emergency? Do you lose your deposit? Can you book a new date?
  3. How do I check in? Many travelers don't think about how to check in if they are delayed and arrive after business hours. Ask the homeowner to make sure there is a secure location for you to pick up the keys. It may be wise to ask for two sets of keys just in case you lose one.
  4. Ask the homeowner: What is your definition of child or pet-friendly? Many vacation homes are listed as child or pet-friendly. The property owner's interpretation may not necessarily line up with how you define these terms. Check, for example, if it's been child-proofed, if there are stairs or plants harmful to pets, among other details.
  5. How many cars are allowed? If you're traveling with a large party that may include multiple generations or several families, you will want to know how many cars you can bring and parked at the property.
  6. What happens if something breaks or there is a problem? Be sure to ask if there is an emergency number to call if something breaks or assistance is needed in the home. You want to ask what if you get locked out?

Traveler safety

Securing your own home before traveling to a vacation is one of the most important steps you must take. You want to make sure your home looks lived in, even while you are away, to deter potential burglars. Tell a neighbor your travel plans and ask them to help keep an eye on your property.

Before you leave on vacation:

  1. Make Copies of Your ID and Passport It will be very wise to Photocopy your license and your passport in case either is lost or stolen. Bring a copy and store it separately from your original, and leave another with a friend or relative. The U.S. Government also offers the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, a free service for U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad. It allows you to enroll your trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate and can assist you in case of an emergency, such as if you lose your passport or if it is stolen while you are abroad.
  2. Streamline Your Wallet Lost wallets are the leading cause of identity theft. Only carry the card(s) you plan to use on your trip. Leave your checkbook and the rest of your cards at home.
  3. Check Out Guides Before You Book Look into online reviews before you book a vacation home. Ask the homeowner to provide you with a legal document that proves he or she are the true owners of the vacation home. It will be wise to ask for the homeowner a photo of her/himself to be email to you and or a photo of the manager of that vacation home you are planning to stay. It is always recommended to see ahead who are you going to meet at the vacation home.
  4. Pay with Credit cards only Do not wire money to vacation homeowners. Do not pay by sending a check. Do not pay in cash upon arrival. Always pay with your own credit card. Paying with you own credit card will secure your money in case something goes wrong. You can always get your money back in cases of disputes.

Have a pleasant vacation


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