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92% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations!

Nearly 9 in 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 45% do so on a regular basis. The trend of online reviews over the last years has got really stronger and it clearly shows how much more regularly people are reading reviews and making their decisions based on it. It clearly highlighting the need for local businesses to attract more reviews and actively manage their online reputation.

Whether you're the seller or a buyer looking for an Insurance company to help you with the sale purchase transaction you can find out more about an Insurance company that will help you with your needs.

HOMEiZ`s Insurance company directory lets you view Insurance companies servicing your location and nationwide. You are welcome to read the reviews, and contact an Insurance company directly from their profile pages.

Tips to Find the Best Homeowners Insurance Coverage

  • One thing you must understand is that the cost of insurance is not only what you pay upfront in premiums. It's also what you pay out of pocket at claim time because you either are underinsured or have a coverage gap with no coverage at all.
  • The insurance agent quoting you the price may not be highly knowledgeable about coverages, exclusions and limitations. And if you buy insurance without an agent at all, your financial well-being will be in completely unskilled hands: your own. It is a big mistake.
  • When you shop for an insurance agent and find one with great expertise, it won't cost you a dime more than an agent with little expertise! How is that possible? All insurance agents, regardless of expertise, get paid exactly the same.
  • You must check credentials and get referrals from friends and family. Many state insurance department websites have rate comparison tools where you can get general rate information about various home insurance companies. You should check the website of their state insurance department or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to see whether any complaints have been filed against a particular insurer. You should look at not only the number of complaints against a company, but also look for the number of complaints that have been upheld by the regulator, as this indicates that the complaints have merit.
  • You should ask how an insurer handles home insurance claims. Different insurance companies have different staffing strategies for responding to claims, especially after major disasters like hurricanes.
  • It is recommended asking these questions:
  • In the event of a claim, will I be talking to a local insurance agent, a claims representative or an independent insurance adjuster?
  • Can I get help with emergency expenses, such as hotel stays?
  • Will I receive any money upfront to help pay for expenses, or do I have to pay out of my own pocket and get reimbursed later?
  • Although it's important to do your own research, you should be open to seeking out an independent insurance agent.
  • A typical independent insurance agent is under contract with number of companies, and so they are uniquely able to compare prices and policies and can explain strengths and weaknesses of different companies.
  • A good agent can help you find home insurance companies that are easy to work with and that pay claims promptly and fairly.


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