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92% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations!

Nearly 9 in 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 45% do so on a regular basis. The trend of online reviews over the last years has got really stronger and it clearly shows how much more regularly people are reading reviews and making their decisions based on it. It clearly highlighting the need for local businesses to attract more reviews and actively manage their online reputation.

Whether you're the seller or a buyer looking for a Title company to help you with the sale purchase transaction you can find out more about a Title company that will help you with your needs.

HOMEiZ`s Title company directory lets you view Title companies servicing your location and nationwide. You are welcome to read the reviews, and contact a Title company directly from their profile pages.

Tips finding a Good Title Company

  • Choosing the right title insurance company is imperative to a successful closing. Many things can go wrong in a real estate transaction; it is vital that your title company be well versed in all aspects of the closing process. After all, the mark of a good company is how they respond when things really go wrong.
  • Choosing a title company is a big step in your property purchase process. For most people, it all comes down to money. But here are a few things to take into consideration when selecting a title company.
  • You need to consider looking into the title company that your real estate agent recommends you. Often, real estate agents will work frequently with the same title company, and have laid all the groundwork for a great working relationship for you. 
  • You may also want to consider the experiences of friends and family when selecting a title company and, of course it always helps to look for online reviews of the companies you’re considering.
  • If you have any special circumstances that need to be handled with care, be sure to ask the title company up front if they have experience with that scenario. Cost is highly important, but just keep in mind what it will cost you in time and patience if you select an unreliable title company. 
  • You may want to ask your title agent how long he/she has been working in the industry? Is the title agent an Attorney Title Company or a non-attorney title company? Some inexperienced title agents or non-attorney based firms may not be well versed in all forms of real estate transactions.  Whether it’s a commercial deal, short sale, refinance, 1031 exchange, bank owned, REO, Seller Financed, or installment Sale.


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