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92% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations!

Nearly 9 in 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 45% do so on a regular basis. The trend of online reviews over the last years has got really stronger and it clearly shows how much more regularly people are reading reviews and making their decisions based on it. It clearly highlighting the need for local businesses to attract more reviews and actively manage their online reputation.

Whether you're the seller or a buyer looking for an Inspection company to help you with the sale purchase transaction you can find out more about an Inspection company that will help you with your needs.

HOMEiZ`s Inspection company directory lets you view Inspection companies servicing your location and nationwide. You are welcome to read the reviews, and contact an Inspection company directly from their profile pages.

Tips how to pick a good Inspection Company

  • When it is time for you to start looking for a Home Inspector you might want to ask your real estate agent for a list of names. Ask your friends and family or co-workers, or check out the directories of top national organizations such as NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors) for a listing of Inspectors in your area. You must check into how long this Inspector has been in the business, and how many Home Inspections he/she has performed. There is no equivalent to experience.
  • Reputable home inspectors will be members of one of these organizations: The National Association of Home Inspectors, the American Society of Home Inspectors or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Many states also have statewide associations, which are acceptable alternatives.
  • Each organization has certification and licensing procedures and requires members to follow procedural and ethical standards when conducting home inspections. Membership to one of these organizations doesn’t guarantee a home inspector is an expert, but you should probably rule out any inspectors who aren’t members of a respected professional organization.
  • The best home inspectors are typically those who have experience in the building industry. You want to work with an inspector who knows what’s inside the walls of the property and understands the basics of local building codes and requirements. For this, you’ll need a more specialized inspection by a licensed plumber, electrician or contractor. Many Home Inspectors bring nothing more to the Inspection than a flashlight. Today’s Home Inspector though, should be taking advantage of some of the newer technologies being introduced, and fully utilizing the best testing equipment available. This equipment is delicate and can be very expensive, but in order to stay on "the cutting edge" and provide the best service possible, it is a necessary investment. Proper equipment should range from the more sophisticated testing devices (electrical circuit analyzers, electronic carbon monoxide & fuel gas analyzers, digital moisture meters, digital cameras to document findings, etc.), all the way down to the more mundane but necessary equipment, such as ladders, flashlights, levels, etc.
  • It is not the home inspector’s job to inspect things that can’t be seen. With that said, an inspector should evaluate every possible visible place in the property.
  • Most inspectors will provide a report within 24 hours. It’s important to be sure the inspector’s reporting style will meet the requirements of your lender as well as your own personal preferences. You must ask to see samples of their previous home inspections if you aren’t sure.
  • The inspector’s fees are very important to know before any inspection will take place. But you should not base your final decision only on the price, you should always search for the most qualified and most experienced inspector you can find.


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