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HOMEiZ is a Millennial-Ready Real Estate Website

HOMEiZ is the new world Trend

HOMEiZ is combining Real estate, Vacation Rentals and Events. HOMEiZ brings real transparency to the Real estate industry and to the Vacation Rental industry. With, HOMEiZ, you can list any type of real estate, any type of vacation rental and Events, in one place anywhere in the world.
With HOMEiZ your communication with your customers is transparent.

HOMEiZ is easy to use

Consumers prefer web self-service over a service website. Enabling self-service across multiple channels makes it very convenient to use. Consumers, favor digital media, personalized services, and automated self-care websites. HOMEiZ makes consumer life easy by enabling transparency who brings connections between professionals and consumers to a higher level of trust anytime, anywhere.

HOMEiZ Keeps things simple

Our company has done consumer research, and consumers constantly tell us that they want more choices in a real estate portal but they want the process of choosing a tech product to be simple. More choice is good for competitive pricing. HOMEiZ understands this and gives the consumer many choices, but never tempted to make things complicated. what consumers really want is simplicity.

HOMEiZ and Millennials

HOMEiZ Real Estate Portal, is a Millennial-Ready Real Estate Website. The number one demand from Millennials is transparency. Millennials favor transparency and personal connection. As multi-taskers, millennials prefer web self-service over the standard web service. HOMEiZ overall strategy is beneficial to millennials. HOMEiZ is an affordable platform who saves lots of money and brings the transparency millennials demand.

HOMEiZ New Features soon

Besides having a beautiful design and a great software, HOMEiZ also has the capability to add many new features in its portal soon. We are working on new features and soon will implement those features in HOMEiZ. The new features will dramatically help professionals and consumers like no elsewhere in a Real estate portal. HOMEiZ will continue to grow by bringing new features and new ideas that will help consumers and professionals doing business in a transparent way.

Valuable tools and information

Better Page Placement

While our larger competitor sites may have more listings, our research shows that too many listings create an over-crowded market place. HOMEiZ can give you better placement on our pages. No longer will you be buried among thousands of other listings.

Greater & Richer Listing Exposure

Listing in HOMEiZ allows your listing to be displayed with vast and rich content information using the latest website technology. This means a more enjoyable experience for the consumer and for you.

Control of Your Reviews

HOMEiZ gives you the ability to respond immediately to a review you have received. To say thank you for a good review or to contest on a bad review.

Personal Assistance

The success of your business is very important to us. If you're having an issue or an idea with our site or operation, we will work with you personally to find a solution. We don’t stop until you’re happy.

Affordable Transparent Leads

HOMEiZ offers many tools to capture leads. You have the freedom to review the lead and choose the lead before paying. No contracts, no hidden fees. Full transparency in a fair and friendly way. You can search all types of properties, add a listing of any real estate type, make an offer/counteroffer, upload a personal advertising banner within few minutes and so much more in an affordable price. HOMEiZ delivers the proper market insight needed to optimize a costumer’s experience helping you to grow your business. Everything HOMEiZ offers makes us the most attractive and affordable Real Estate portal in the United States. Bringing Real Estate agents, brokers, consumers, and business professionals together on one fair, friendly, and transparent way.

All Real Estate Categories in One Place

HOMEiZ is the next generation of the Real Estate industry.

HOMEiZ offers over 12 different detailed comprehensive engines for all Real Estate categories all in on one place.

  • Commercial/Sale/Lease
  • Residential/Sale
  • Residential /Lease/rent
  • Luxury Homes
  • Fixer Uppers
  • FSBO/Residential/Commercial
  • Coming soon/Pocket Listing
  • Pre- Foreclosures/Residential/Commercial
  • Triple Net Properties
  • Event Venues
  • Vacation Homes
  • Bank Non-Performing Loans

Users can search, add a listing, make an offer, counteroffer, upload a personal advertising banner, and much more.

HOMEiZ delivers the proper market insight needed to optimize your costumer’s experiences and grow your business. Everything HOMEiZ offers makes us the most attractive Real Estate portal in the United States. Bringing Real Estate agents, brokers, consumers, Vacation rental owners, Vacationers and many other professionals together, in a fair, friendly, transparent way.


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