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HOMEiZ is allowing Real-estate professionals only who personally visited the subject property to participate in submitting their price opinion. In the listing page of the subject property, you will find the section you can submit your price opinion. All price opinions submitted by real estate professionals should be based on facts-only and will be automatically uploaded for publicly view. All Real Estate professionals must carry a valid Real Estate license and must create an account before submitting a price opinion. Price opinions that will not make sense and uploaded in a purpose to interrupt the sale of the property, will be deleted by HOMEiZ.

HOMEiZ wishes to ensure that Real Estate agents who submit a price opinion, are not affiliated in any way with the property owner. You must certify before submitting your price opinion that you are not employed by the property owner, are not related to the brokerage employed there and do not otherwise have a business or personal relationship with the property owner or managers of the subject property or and a competitor who posted an untrue review. Posting fake reviews is a violation of HOMEiZ`s terms of service.

In this way, the estimated value has a human touch not relaying on a computer algorithm and will be based on REAL FACTS ONLY! That will help many sellers to know what is the reality value price of their property and what a buyer is willing to pay for it. For buyers, it will help to determine a price before submitting an offer. HOMEiZ believes that the consumer has mislead by relying on a computer algorithm giving an estimated value to real estate.


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