Benefits of FSBO

Are there any real benefits for a property owner to sell his/her own home not using a real estate agent to do it? As everything in our life has its own pros and cons, also FSBO has its own pros and cons.

Due to the internet era and with so many opportunities of do it yourself online, also the real estate industry was impacted big time from it. Many homeowners find it too expensive to pay 5-6% commission to real estate agents. With so many real estate websites out there trying to eliminate the middle man from the transaction, many homeowners started to think that they can sell their own home not using a real estate agents and save thousands in paid commission. Is it doable? Yes of course it is doable but only for those who really know what they are doing and what not to do. The major reason for FSBO is to save money. Selling your own home not using a real estate agent can save you as the homeowner lots of money, is it recommended? The answers to this question are many but not clear.

Why HOMEiZ has FSBO?

HOMEiZ business concept is to be fair, friendly and transparent to all people. HOMEiZ allows homeowners to sell their own properties not using a real estate agent if they choose to do so. It is a free world and HOMEiZ honors the freedom of people to choose. HOMEiZ believes that by giving people the opportunity to choose there is freedom.


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