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HOMEiZ is required to register for add listing, banner adverting, submit offers on properties and access the Property owner offer transparency / Listing agent dash board.

Listing a Property

In order to add listing to market on HOMEiZ click on add a alisting on the far right upper corner of the Website.

Searching for Properties

HOMEiZ makes it easy for all users to find the perfect property.

Reviewing the Listings

Each property has its own property display page, where a potential buyer can view all relevant details and register to submit offers.

Registering to Submit an Offer

To register to submit an offer for property listed on HOMEiZ platform, you must have a HOMEiZ account.

Submitting an Offer

HOMEiZ platform streamllines the entrie process of making an offer and makes it easy to submit an offer.

HOMEiZ beta

Dear user, 
Homeiz.com is now in its Beta Version. 
During this time, we may encounter unexpected technical issues. Registering using your mobile device, may not work at this time. We do apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you. Your patience and commitment to us are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Homeiz.com Tech Support


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