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There are 80 million Millennials in the U.S. and they are starting to enter the real estate market and quickly becoming the most important customers. It is estimated they will be spending over $200 billion annually by 2017 and over $12 trillion over their lifetimes as consumers, in the U.S. alone. As expected with this unique generation they are buying real estate in a completely different way. Most Millennial buyers want to buy their homes as an investment for shorter periods of time. Real estate agents who want to sell real estate to a Millennials, will need to change the way they market their listings in order to make the sale.

Millennials grew up in a technology driven world and that is exactly what they are used to. They want a real estate agent who will text them listings, send them photos of spaces that fit their wants and needs and keep up with their fast-paced lives. They want a real estate agent who is tech savvy and has a quick response time. Millennials move fast and are always on the go and look for those same qualities in a real estate agent. Millennials may reach out to agents through mobile apps, websites, email, texting and less on the traditional phone calls, they need an agent who will adhere to this rapid communication.

Millennials buyers want to know what to expect and when. They want to be involved in the transaction and looking for 100% transparency in the process. Millennials want to be involve in the home search, and they want fast answers to their questions. Accurate Information is crucial for them, they want valid accurate information, and they want it fast and now.

Why should Real Estate Agents advertise on HOMEiZ?

HOMEiZ is a Millennials ready self-servicing all in one place real estate portal. By advertising your listing on HOMEiZ, you become more than just an agent, you are reinventing yourself as a millennials ready real estate agent. Your listing advertising will have the transparency behind curtains information millennials want.

What is a millennials ready agent?

HOMEiZ Millennials Ready Agent is designed with the simple purpose of bringing transparency to buyers, sellers, and creating trust. The power of transparency aimed to create trust and generate more traffic to your brand and your listings helping you sell real estate to millennials faster.

How is Millennials Ready Agent different?

Millennials Ready Agent is an agent who is ready and willing to involve clients in the transaction in a transparent way and give them the feeling they are partners in the entire process. From making an offer online for buyers and allowing sellers to view online all offers received in real time. Understating and accepting the power of technology to provide a better faster honest service.

Millennials ready agent Program

HOMEiZ millennials ready agent program is to give real estate agents the freedom to choose and a great opportunity to earn more money. Listing agents posting their listings in HOMEiZ now can choose if they wish to add other agents to appear on their listings to represent a buyer. HOMEiZ will not add the buyer`s agents to your listings. You as the listing agent have the freedom to do so or not. In any case as the listing agent you will appear on top of the listing ad. There is no need to sign up for this program as our algorithm allows the listing agent a self-servicing to manually add other agents to your listing. As the listing agent, you may negotiate a price you will want to charge other agents who will want to appear at your listing or give it for free, it is your decision. This money goes directly to you not to HOMEiZ. This is a great feature HOMEiZ gives to listing agents and buyer`s agents.

HOW IT WORKS? (Not available in Beta Version)

This great feature allows A Millennial ready agent to make money on his/her listing by advertising non-listing agents. Only licensed real estate agents who registered in HOMEiZ as licensed real estate agents can use this feature.

Millennial Ready Listing Agent

Once you have a listing you wish to upload on HOMEiZ, you must choose the featured listing. In the tool box (“My HOMEiZ”) choose “My listings”, you have a green button named “Add buyer`s agents to your listing”As the listing agent, you can offer your listing space to advertise other real estate agents who will want to expose their brand and business in your listing. HOMEiZ allows the Millennial listing agent to choose up to 3 buyer’s agents to appear on one listing at the time. You are not allowed to remove from your listing a non-listing agent after you got paid from the non-listing agent. The non-listing agent will appear on your listing until your listing expires.

Please note: You may add only licensed real estate agents to your own listing. You may not add to your listing anyone who did not give you a permission to do so. In case you added an agent into your listing without a permission, HOMEiZ keeps the right to remove your listing from the portal without any refund to you or and the buyer’s agents.

Non-Listing Agent (Buyer`s Agent)

HOMEiZ and create your own profile for the listing agent to be able adding you into the listing.

Each featured listing has a button:

“Request to be added as a buyer agent to this listing”

HOMEiZ lets non-listing agent to request the listing agent to be added to the listing and give themselves an exposure. You will appear on the listing until the listing expires. The non-listing agent is not representing the seller. You can act as the buyer`s agent if you want bring a buyer who wants to make an offer.

Click on the button “Request to be added as a buyer agent to this listing” and fill up with the information. Once you click “submit request” button the listing agent will receive your request with your information and the offered price amount. It is up to the listing agent to decide to add you or not.

Once the listing agent decided to add you to the listing, you and the listing agent can to negotiate the offered price you offered to be added to the listing.


Once the parties reached an agreement, the non-listing agent should pay directly to the listing agent and not to HOMEiZ.

How much does Millennials Ready Agent cost?

Available only in a Featured listing.


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