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Online Leads should be transparent

by HOMEiZ Blog Team Posted: 06/05/2017 Views: 1612

Thousands of real estate agents across the country, are spending thousands of dollars purchasing leads from online companies. But are those leads really worth the money they spend? Many online companies who sell those real estate leads, promising real estate agents quality leads and deliver very poor leads in return. Many online companies who sells leads to real estate agents, require long term commitment. The long-term commitment creates a situation that agents need to pay hefty amount upfront before even receiving one lead. That sounds like, the only one who gains from this business model is the company who sells those leads, as they have nothing to lose. Many agents saying, they signed up for 6 months’ commitment of seller leads with no decent results, and tried out also buyer leads with no decent results. Many agents were asking to get out from the contract, but those companies will not let them out from the contract.

Selling the same Lead to many real estate, creates unwanted competition which we all really don’t like or want.

Imagine as a buyer or a seller you receive 30-40 emails and phone calls from 30-40 different real estate agents on the same property you are interested buying or selling. You probably will lose your mind and will be totally confused. Online leads should be limited to only 5 agents in each zip code. The lead should be transparent and lead data should be visible and as much information possible on what is the lead all about. Yes, the contact information should be invisible. Once the agent made the decision to purchase the lead, only then the contact information will be visible. Real estate agents should have the freedom to choose the lead and make their own decision should they wish to purchase the lead. Signing a long-term contract to purchase leads is a mistake. Real estate agents can go months without closing any deal and obligating yourself to long term contracts is not the smart way to go.

The power of transparency leads

Many companies who sells online leads for real estate agents, prefer to keep real estate agents in the dark. This shrouded approach to leads sells data, will disappear very soon. Giving the agents the freedom to choose the leads before purchasing, may confer long-term advantages. HOMEiZ research shows that, many real estate agents are aware they’re being forced to pay hefty amounts upfront to purchase poorly conversion leads. Online leads are a growing and gaining consumers’ confidence and trust will be key. Companies who will be transparent about the leads information, and will give real estate agents control on the leads they wish to purchase, will be trusted and will gain real estate agents trust and business. Those that conceal leads information and fail to provide the freedom to choose the leads, will lose customers’ goodwill—and their business.

Transparent lead information leads to a better lead conversion

Many real estate agents complain on lead quality. Many are saying they paid for buyers and sellers leads, but instead receiving leads for rent. So, the conclusion is, real estate agents do not know what type of leads they will get for their money. Understanding real estate agent’s goals when purchasing a lead, is the key here. Those companies who sell online leads, should be honest about the ability of the agents to convert the lead to a real transaction. Yes, it is impossible to guarantee anything when it comes to online leads, but at least be transparent on the lead information and let the agents to choose. When real estate agents purchase online leads, they do set expectations to convert some leads to a real transaction. Even if they do not convert the lead to a real transaction, they will value both the transparency, the honesty and trust your efforts to provide them results. Companies who sell online leads for real estate agents, should be able to provide information about the origin of a lead if requested or even voluntarily display the IP address. This level of reporting will not only impress your clients, but also establish invaluable confidence in your company.
Trust is founded on transparency. If you treat your clients as a partner and provide honest and insightful information, they will reciprocate that trust. 

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